An independent woman is a person who knows her worth and chases her goals. She is motivational and strong. She knows how to make her dreams come true, she never apologizes for her needs, and she’s capable of tackling any setbacks life throws her way. In fact, she’s always up for a challenge.

Here are 9 traits of an independent woman:

1) She does not care for what you think about her looks
Some independent women like to take care of their looks, keep a healthy diet and work out regularly. Some others don’t really enjoy spending time on that. But, in both cases, there’s one thing in common: they couldn’t care less about what others think about their appearance.

They can be “too pretty” or “too casual”, without being interested in how others see them.

2) She does not like labels
An independent woman is always looking to acquire new skills, knowledge, and experience. Instead of seeing herself as just a daughter, employee, or mother, she regards herself as a unique person with a special set of dreams and aspirations.

3) She doesn’t need a man to be happy
If a strong woman is single, she will take full advantage of the situation rather than waiting around for a partner to show up.

She has fun by herself, and she treasures time with friends and family.

4) She has clearly defined goals, and goes after them
Nobody gets anywhere in life if they don’t have goals. An independent woman decides where she wants to be, puts together a plan of action, and makes it happen.

She leaves nothing to chance, and usually loves to-do lists and schedules

5) She won’t just sit and cry
Everybody experiences setbacks, and everybody is subjected to mistreatment from time to time. However, wallowing in misfortune is not constructive.

An Alpha woman knows that acting like a victim strips her of her personal power. She lets herself feel sad or angry, and then formulates a plan to turn the situation around.

6) She won’t rely on anyone
A strong female never lets herself become dependent on anybody. She knows how to manage her affairs and plan her own life. That doesn’t mean that she cannot work with others as part of a team.

It only means that she always keeps hold of her independent streak.

7) She knows when to walk away
Women with low self-esteem tend to stay in bad relationships or work situations, even if they’re in a lot of emotional distress. That’s because, unfortunately, women learn that they shouldn’t complain. A strong woman, on the other hand, puts herself first.

If a relationship or job is harming her mental health, she moves on to something better.

8) She will only settle for the right person
Everybody deserves a loving partner and a healthy relationship. Alpha women know that it is better to be single than with the wrong person.

If a relationship doesn’t work out, they end it gracefully, give themselves time to heal, then move on.

9) She knows how to have fun
While they work hard, strong women can also appreciate the importance of living a balanced life.

They have a variety of hobbies and interests they pursue just because they love them, not because they want to impress other people or fill up their time.

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