Woman Quotes that I Swear By!

So, Here I am back again as I promised with some of the quotes that I swear by on my daily life (not really in same chronological order) but this are the best ones to help me through by downtime. Yes, I too have a downtime & more often than not it completely blocks me away from being realistic & practical! The negativity that swallows down on me, sometimes with work, clients, your team mates, sometimes its the family and at few times friends… you feel you don’t have anyone to understand you or have a ear to hear you out… But, ladies this quotes will surely keep you going and have you back hustling with your life career and everything else!

1. Hell Yeah!

Be the kind of Woman that when your Feet hit the floor each Morning the Devil says, “Oh Crap, She’s Up!”

2. This my friend is real “Sanskari Lady”!

Being “raised right” doesn’t mean you don’t drink, don’t party. Being raised right is how you treat people, your manners & respect.

3. Be the woman who supports another woman… don’t put her down, there are already enough men who do that!

A Woman who is Hustling can never understand A Woman who is hating.

4. Super-Power

No-One is you and that is your Super-Power! You can Change the world, girl! You Really are Enough!

5. Respect a woman! Your identity is because of her, Your Character is because of her, Your integrity is because of her and lastly, Your family is because of her!

A man is born through a woman. And he is raised by a woman, And he falls in love with a woman, and he marries  a woman… And I am surprised about the man who doesn’t respect a woman.

6. This one is for tough woman like me!

I am Tough, I am Ambitious and I know exactly what I want. If that makes me BITCH, I’m Okay!

7. This is my favorite one…

Don’t be a Woman that needs a man… Instead, Be a Woman, A Man Needs!

8. After all, we all want clear mind, attitude and class!

Be a Woman with a Mind, A Bitch with an Attitude and A Lady with a Class!

9. To all the men out there…

Spoil her with Loyalty… She can take care of her own finances!

10. And tto sum it all up…

Be the Heroine of your life & Not the Victim!


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