You must be wondering what happened to me that today, apart from the normal business, love, life tips I’m suddenly talking about Hobby…

This occurred to be only today while I was absolutely forced to do no work, give all my team & colleagues off.. due to power cut in our office building for as long as 12-5pm. Which meant, no work, no usage of phones (cz you all know iphone batteries don’t last long / laptops / wifi… things our life is completely dependent on!

And I realised, when I was young I would paint & even play my guitar as a hobby. Today I don’t even know where those paintings are & for guitar, it’s probably lying in storeroom getting all rusted.

I feel like our generations have lost hobbies. Everything in our life revolves around hustle, side hustle, money making enterprise. We have turned into some robots that’s meant to set of things we all call it as routine. Don’t you think sometimes its just fun to do something because it brings you that joy, peace, relaxation or even allows you to be creative. Some ME time. And trust me when I say this, hobbies need not be an expensive affair that would cost a ton of money or take up lot of your time.

You may probably like photography.. walking around the streets taking photos from your phone / camera if you have one

Want to learn to knit… Look up some Youtube videos and buy stuff from that general store or ask your mom / grandma and you’ll be good to go.

Enjoy running? Gym? Join local running groups, avoid gyms and use the most traditional methods our old ancestors used to build up strength, core and all you need is a good pair of shoe..

Like cooking.. Podcasts..Book Reading.. Dancing.. we have groups / workshops for all these in our local areas to join.. Pro— cost effective, you make many new friends and fresh perspective and have a hobby to really de-stress you.

If you are someone like me who do none of above but really want to do some good, opt for volunteering with various organisations / ngo for the cause you’re most passionate about.

Hobbies seem impossible because we’ve been groomed to be hyper productive. So every minute spent not earning a $ is waste of time. Life isn’t short. It’s long when you learn to feel the fulfilment in each moment. It’s long when you literally stop to smell flower. It’s long when you create a stable and peaceful inner state which ultimately dictates the health of your physical body. It’s long when you spend more time loving, less time resenting. It’s long when you forgive quick, kiss deeply, and run into your goals and dreams like a horse through a wildfire. It’s long because you made the decisions to start dancing on your own tune, you realised that no one was coming to save you, so you decided to save yourself.

You are juggling a lot of things all at once. Which is fine. You are fully capable of doing so. But the difference between being exhausted or vitalised by the end of the week depends on how you’re mentally juggling your tasks. Having a Hobby just helps you do better. Remember, your mind does not have to match your physical hustle. A multi-tasker at peace accomplishes a great deal with very little effort. Composure leads to balance which breeds positive results. Close your eyes for a moment and allow your inner stillness your hobby to take lead and run through you.

Like every phone and computer needs to go through software updates to improve accuracy, speed, and efficiency. This is the mode you need to find yourself in now!

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