Don’t be surprised how quickly the universe will move with you once you have made that decision!

This very thought has helped me get over the edge when making a decision that scared the heck out of me. I first asked this question when I was fearful of starting this blog…

‘Will anyone care?’
‘What am I even doing?’
‘Do people actually want to see quotes, tis stories, my struggles and challenges on their Instagram / Blogs / Facebook?’

Despite the fear and uncertainty, I asked myself ‘when I get to the end of my life, would I regret having something left in the tank?’

This question spurred me on to start my blog!

2 years later, when I had the thought of starting a personal account (this one you’re reading right now!), ‘Project Fear’ popped its ugly head up again.

‘Sweets, stick to it – don’t spread yourself too thin.’
‘If I’m posting these stories to inspire people, I’d better be perfect myself!’ (Hahaaa…yeah I’m definitely not)
‘What do I even post?? People don’t want to see me!’

At the end of my life, is this idea going to be found left at the bottom of my tank…there for the taking, but now a wasted opportunity?

My dearest blogging family, please please please take these opportunities when you have the chance.

And when fear and uncertainty come and put doubt to your dreams, ask yourself this question…
‘When I get to the end of my life, would I regret having something left in the tank?’

We’ve got one chance at life, one opportunity.
There’s no point in holding back and leaving reserves in the tank.
You’ve been given your dreams for a reason. Pursue them, back yourself, have faith in those dreams.

But where does all this start from? A Decision! That’s all you need to make!

What’s your decision?
We all encounter moments where we are at a cross roads and have the opportunity to make a decision. They could be as routine as where to go for lunch or as significant as who to marry.

These decisions shape our lives.
The decisions we have to make based on outside circumstances and influences such as time are often made on the spot, and are necessary to complete your day. Purple polka dot shirt or black tee? Car or bus to work? Coffee or juice?

You need clothes for the day…decision made.
You need to get to work…decision made.
You need to eat and drink…decision made.

Here’s where it gets interesting!
What about the decisions that don’t require an immediate response influenced by external factors such as time?

Should I ask her or on a date?
Is now a good time to start that business?
Do I sign up to the gym and get a nutrition plan?
Should I start volunteering?

These decisions are not influenced by external factors, these decisions are influenced by our dreams, desires and passion.

The sad thing is it these latter decisions that we often end up not actually making. Whether through fear; the unknown, rejection, other’s opinions of you, heck…can I even do it?!

I want to encourage you today to look at the decisions and choices from your dreams, desires and passions you have the opportunity to make. External forces aren’t necessarily going to persuade you to making this decision…your heart is.

And once you’ve made that decision and take intentional and consistent action towards achieving that goal, watch how the universe will move with you once you have decided.

Your dreams need you to make a decision…for them and for you.!

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