…after all, not everyone gets their happy ending!

“One day someone is going to hug you so tight, that all of your broken pieces will stick back together.”

You did, you wrapped me in your arms and secured me in your embrace as I nuzzled my nose in your chest, pressing my ear against it seconds later as I heard my favourite sound in the world, your heartbeat.

But, as you held onto my waist, pressing your lips on my forehead, I was stuck with the sudden realization.

It was a goodbye.

You were leaving me, for good and I had agreed to it because we were toxic, we always had been. The society looked upon as the cursed couple, the ones who were struggling to make it work, pushing after one another just to drag on the trail of memories.

Just in that moment, your arms felt like the safest place in the world and the thought of leaving my safe haven, my only home, scared me so much that I began to broke down slowly. I didn’t realize when you cupped my face, brushing the pad of your thumb against my cheeks, wiping away my tears and you wrapped me in your arms again, whispering the promise of being in love with me forever, despite the distance we were bound to share in our lives.

It was supposed to make me feel better, soothe my nerves but as I looked up into your eyes and the tears brimming in the corners of it, I found myself breaking apart further.

You held me in your arms for an hour, baby but then you gave a gentle squeeze to my shoulders and I knew it was time, you had to leave.

And, as I wrapped my arms around your torso, wanting to hold onto it forever and you gave me the tightest hug I’d ever received, I realized people lie.

The gesture didn’t stick back all of my pieces together, it didn’t sweetheart, it only broke me apart further than I was already shattered and as you walked away, you took each of those parts of me with yourself.

After all, not everyone gets their happy ending.

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