Don’t fall yet, The Best is yet to come!

Ever since I was little, I was fiery arrogant about my capabilities for no known reason in the world. There was nothing I thought I couldn’t do and excel at. I was a walking-talking example of vivacious self-confidence and skyrocketing beliefs. This wasn’t a trait I was ashamed of, then! Fast-forward to now, and I am still confident about my potential, of my abilities to execute the same?
Not so much. So what happened?

The world will deny it, but they’re subconsciously onto you. I am not talking about all the unnecessary laws and everything else that still seems to be pushing women down in the work-space, I am talking about instilled mentalities.

So here, know your worth.

It is not difficult to lose your shine when everyone feels blinded by it. And the world does, even if it may deny the truth. There’s only a handful of successful women, so many more men. Don’t dare think for a minute it’s because we are less capable, it’s only because they stopped like you’re about to. Hear me, for this once, Don’t fall yet, The Best is yet to come!

When your good work becomes the cause of shock for another, don’t be bummed. Don’t look down and feel upset when no one celebrates you, you’re a new child. A wild bird, how will everyone understand your flight? Never be put down when you are judged for how you look and how you talk, lesser on what you produce – that too is not your fault, it’s just another curse you’re under. When your passions are seen as over-determination, when your knowledge is seen as a garb, don’t shred it out. You don’t need to hide your magnificent brain and your powerful self. Not just yet.

Pick yourself up. Every darned time. There are not enough people in the world who matter more than the dreams you hold in your heart, and certainly no number of people too small that you need to prove wrong. No matter how hard you fight or don’t, never let yourself fall short because of someone else rowing the boat.
You’re your own ship, you’re your own god damned sea. Someone expecting you to not perform isn’t a reason to give up, it’s a strong one to excel and say – “Hey! Take this!” And after all of this, when you go home and hold yourself (after being called a bad-working-wife, a selfish daughter or even worse) Remember this:

You didn’t just do enough, you did more than that!

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