2018 had been a crazy year of roller coster.. where I had almost lost everything in each and every aspect of my life along with my life itself… and suddenly a miracle happened and phew! I was back on track by the second half of the year, while the end of the year has been pleasantly pleasant.

So cheers to 2018 — damn you made me mad and struggle showed many true faces and saved me from those who didn’t serve the purpose to be there in my life!

Well… its almost 6hrs to welcome a new year.. Year 2019…

2019: what do I plan on manifesting this year?

– Better myself Body, mind and soul (This year is gonna be all about loving, bettering and building myself)
– Slay with the slayers, play with the players (Work with those who value growth and success, do away with those who believe in talk but execute a dampened walk instead)
– Innovate, Create and never procrastinate.
– Forbes, you’re definitely gonna write about me this year.
– Avoid Drama and people of dramatic prowess.
– Keep or Make friends that add value, subtract the namesake ones.
– Be Healthy, Bold & Beautiful.
– Do 10 things that I’ve never dreamt of doing before my 32nd Birthday.

This pretty much is my plan for the new year, what’s yours? (tell me comment below)



Happy New Year 2019 to all of you!!! 🙂

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