Rutika Malaviya- A Serial Entrepreneur

Rutika Malaviya is a leader by volition at the helm of licensing and entertainment industry, having braved the thick and thins of life and business, she holds the 8 yrs of extensive experience in the arrays of PR and Branding world of several industries.

Malaviya is caught by entrepreneurial fever for about 8 years now, right from the beginning she set her sight on entertainment and licensing industries, as of now she heads and controls an established production house – Rooh Entertainment , a branding firm that has rolled out services to bigwigs in industries such as Asian Paints, P.C Jewellers, Mahindra and Mahindra and the mass network of whole Varmora Group and just many more.

Carrying a baggage of in-and out- experience in top industries, Malaviya was appointed as an Official Representative of the prestigious licensing body on a global scale – LIMA, which is booming in India, under her staunch leadership.
With a dash of business shrewdness, Rutika is creating an effective awareness about licensing industry and its significance throughout the corners of the country to bring big names together in fuelling the licensing segments.
With her business dexterities placed nicely, she has been facilitating deals and business pacts in respect to licensing industry, at this juncture, Malaviya is framing a mechanism where industrial bodies can be unified in strengthening the licensing industry in our country for enhancing wealth creation ways in India.

Been scoring sheer success throughout her industrial itinerary, Rutika is aiming at sealing success for!

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